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Alain Lesage, M.D., FRCP (C), MPhil, DFAPA, FCPA

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Visiting Professor and Invited Scholar

Phone: +1 514 260 2063

Dr. Lesage is a professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Montréal, as well as a psychiatrist at the Montréal University Mental Health Institute (IUSMM -; formerly Louis-H. Lafontaine Hospital) and researcher at its Research Centre (formerly Fernand-Seguin Research Center). Since 2009, he is associate director of the Québec Network on Suicide ( funded by the Québec health and social Research Funds. He graduated in medicine from the University of Sherbrooke (Québec) and completed his training as a psychiatrist in the hospital system affiliated with the University of Montréal. He completed his research training with a three year postdoctoral at the Institute of Psychiatry and Maudsley Hospital, London (Great Britain) and a year in Verona (Italy) at the Istituto di Psichiatria. He has been a visiting scholar in 1994-1995, at the Health Systems Research Unit, Clarke Institute of Toronto; National Health Research Scholar of Québec 1999-2004; and invited scholar at the Harvard School of Public Health from 2003 to 2005. Through evaluative and epidemiological research, he studies the needs for care and services for people with severe mental disorders. In this context, in 1997 at L-H Lafontaine, he founded a module to evaluate the development of psychiatric services which, in autumn 2011, became the mental health technologies and interventions evaluation unit of the IUSMM (