Cost Containment and Efficiency in National Health Systems: A Global Comparison

Written by health policy experts, the book gives a comprehensive overview of 8 different national health care systems and focuses in particular on the different approaches to maintain efficiency and to contain overall healthcare costs.

Each chapter identifies the 4-5 specific policies with the highest impact for the respective country over the past 20-30 years and the current policy agenda for the country is discussed. While the book’s focus is on economics, it is written in non-technical language for an audience of health policy makers or students of health policy. An indispensable guide for all decision makers in health care policy.

Book Series: Health Care and Disease Management

Publication Type: Books

Year of Publication: 2009

Topics: Health Economics / Healthcare Costs, Healthcare Services

ISBN (print): 978-3-527-32110-0

ISSN: 1864-9947

Editor: John Rapoport, Philip Jacobs, Egon Jonsson

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell