Institutional Medical Incident Reporting Systems - A Review

Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research (AHFMR) HTA Initiative #17.

This paper focuses on incident reporting systems relevant to the hospital and efforts to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes. Costs associated with incident reporting systems are included wherever possible. This paper aims to assess the effectiveness of hospital incident reporting systems in improving hospital and clinic performance in terms of patient safety, clinical outcomes, costs, and operations, as supported by literature published between 1994 and 2004. Only research evaluating the effectiveness of actual implemented systems, through pre- and post-implementation comparison of safety parameters, was considered. Theoretical models or planned incident reporting systems are not included in this review.

NOTE: In 2006 the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research HTA unit moved to IHE. Documents produced in and prior to 2006 have different formats; the format was determined by the agency for which the document was produced.

Publication Type: Health Topic Overviews / Scoping Reviews

Year of Publication: 2005

Topics: Health Economics / Healthcare Costs, Healthcare Services

Authors: Anita Simon, Robert Lee, David Cooke, Diane Lorenzetti

ISBN (print): 1-894927-20-6

ISBN (online): 1-894927-21-4

ISSN: 1706-7855