Real-life treatment paradigms show infliximab is cost-effective for management of ulcerative colitis


BACKGROUND & AIMS: Infliximab is effective for induction and maintenance of response in patients with moderate to moderately severe ulcerative colitis. Previous cost analyses of infliximab treatment for ulcerative colitis used models of colectomy vs infliximab and response rates derived from early clinical trials. In real life, therapeutic options are more complex; patients frequently choose to remain in an unwell state rather than undergo colectomy, and rates of response to infliximab are generally higher than those reported from clinical trials. We evaluate the real-life cost-effectiveness of infliximab for treatment of ulcerative colitis where infliximab was readily available compared with not available, causing patients to remain in unwell states.

Publication Type: Journal Articles

Year of Publication: 2014

Topics: Chronic Diseases / Disorders, Health Economics / Healthcare Costs, Therapy

Authors: Victoria Ung, Thanh Nguyen, Karen Wong, Karen Kroeker, Thomas Lee, Haili Wang, Arto Ohinmaa, Philip Jacobs, Richard Fedorak

ISSN: 1542-3565

Journal Title: Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Volume: 12

Issue: 11

Pages: 1871-1878