Spousal Violence Against Women: Preventing Recurrence

Risk assessment tools for predicting recidivism of spousal violence.

The objective of this report is to assess the research evidence on the inter-rater reliability and predictive validity of various risk assessment instruments in predicting male-to-female spousal violence recidivism and lethality in those males who had contact with the police system.

Information Specialist: Liz Dennett

Publication Type: Rapid Reviews

Year of Publication: 2008

Topics: Other

Authors: Bing Guo, Christa Harstall

ISBN (print): 978-1-897443-15-6

ISBN (online): 978-1-897443-16-3

INAHTA URL: http://www.inahta.org/upload/Briefs_8/08044_IHE_Risk_Assessment_Instruments_Spousal_Violence.pdf