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Our Areas of Expertise

The IHE can carry out projects in any of our areas of expertise for public and private funders and partners. Please contact us to see if we can help with any project in support of evidence-informed health care policy and practice at [email protected].

Health Technology Assessment

The IHE’s HTA Unit conducts a comprehensive range of high-quality, relevant, and timely HTA products, tools and services to support evidence-informed decision-making at various levels in the health system locally, nationally, and internationally such as:

  • Systematic reviews & HTA studies
  • Economic evaluations
  • Literature searches and information support
  • Training & consulting
  • HTA Capacity-Building

Health Economics & Decision Modelling

The IHE provides a wide range of economic analyses to inform effective allocation of health resources including:

  • Economic analyses – cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, cost-benefit
  • Budget impact, cost and budget forecasting
  • Epidemiology – survival, risk, disease transmission
  • Clinical trials – economic evaluation and extrapolation
  • Health funding models – development and evaluation

Health Policy and Knowledge Transfer

The IHE serves as a neutral convenor for health policy dialogues and engagements with government, academia, health system leaders, clinicians, patients, public, and industry. The format for each initiative is tailored to suit the topic, purpose, and audience. For example:

  • Consensus Development Conferences
  • Global Scientific Conferences
  • Commissioned workshops, policy roundtables
  • White Papers for policy development

To inquire about having us develop and run a workshop, roundtable, or conference for your organization, please contact us at [email protected].

Ambassador Guideline Adaptation and Development Program

The IHE’s Ambassador Guideline Adaptation Program has over a decade of experience in adapting clinical practice guidelines to the local context and can provide methodological, research, and project support for adopting or adapting guidelines and for de novo guideline development. For example:

  • Conducting literature searches and information retrieval
  • Coordinating the guideline development committees and meetings
  • Synthesizing and critically appraising the evidence for review
  • Guiding the recommendation drafting process
  • Coordinating and compiling external review of the recommendations among key stakeholders, including patients.

Lay Advisory Committee

The IHE Lay Advisory Committee was established as a mechanism for public engagement, and is now open as a service, free of charge, for organizations interested in obtaining the public’s perspective on important organizational initiatives. If there is an initiative that is already underway or in the early stages of development, and you would like a public perspective, consider the upcoming LAC meeting as an avenue.

Those who would like more information are kindly requested to contact us at [email protected], or visit the IHE Lay Advisory Committee web page. Please note that the IHE reserves the right to triage requests.