IHE Scholar Award (Fellowship) - University of Calgary

Date of Posting: February 23, 2017
Application Deadline: March 13, 2017 11:59 pm MST
Salary: $55,000 for one year (includes benefits of approximately $2000)
Note: This award can be applied as a portion of a longer postdoctoral position, dependent on commitment of funding from other sources.


A need has been identified for greater development in health economics capacity, as well as greater collaboration between health economics researchers and policy makers, in Alberta. The Institute of Health Economics (IHE), in partnership with health economists from Alberta Health and the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, are working collaboratively to create a new fellowship. This traineeship will build such capacity by bringing together aspiring health economists, policy leaders, and researchers from academic, non-profit, and governmental sectors. This work is being supported by Alberta Health through the Health Economics and Funding Capacity (HFEC) Grant.

The IHE Fellowship will provide opportunities for the successful recipient to gain practice-based experience working on both his/her projects of interest, and on projects identified by program sponsors as Alberta Health priorities (http://www.health.alberta.ca/about/vision-mission.html). This practice-based experience will be complemented by the mentorship of an academic supervisor from the University of Calgary (UofC), a co-supervisor from IHE, and a sponsor at Alberta Health.

The IHE Fellowship will:

  • Develop highly skilled research analysts and health economists in Alberta
  • Support the Fellow in developing research skills
  • Engage the Fellow in broad practice-based experiences and professional development opportunities
  • Advance knowledge in health research and economic evaluation through publications and presentations

Eligibility and Requirements:

The IHE Postdoctoral Fellowship is restricted to applicants with training and/or experience in the area of health economics. If Alberta Health data are used in the trainee’s project, work in Edmonton will be required, and relevant Alberta Health restrictions (e.g., preapproval of publications) will apply.

Applicants are required to:

  • Use the Fellowship application form (Download Fellowship application form)
  • Fulfill the criteria of a UofC Postdoctoral Fellow (including those related to completion of degree requirements, and length of time since convocation)
  • Demonstrate the relevance of the Fellowship to their career goals
  • Demonstrate that their area of research addresses a significant and long-term policy issue of interest to Alberta Health / IHE
  • Identify the support of a supervisor who has an academic appointment at UofC and membership within the O’Brien Institute for Public Health
  • Provide 3 letters of support, including one from the UofC academic supervisor
  • Commence the Fellowship after selection of successful candidate, at a time agreed upon by the sponsors and awardee
  • Present Fellowship work to IHE Board of Directors, Alberta Health, and other relevant stakeholders

Opportunities of the IHE Postdoctoral Fellowship

Advisory Support and Mentorship

The awardee will report to a UofC Faculty member, be co-supervised by a staff member at IHE, and have a sponsor from Alberta Health. Applications need to confirm the interest of a current or proposed UofC faculty supervisor (who is also an O’Brien Institute member). Potential supervisors include some Faculty members of the Institute’s Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment group, for example. The sponsor (Alberta Health) and co-supervisor (IHE) will be assigned to the awardees, but applicants are welcome to indicate preferences (http://www.ihe.ca/about/staff-directory). The goal is to build the Fellow's capacity and networks for health economics research and its application to governmental policy.

Practice-based experience

The awardee will have the opportunity to work on health economics projects from multiple sectors within the health care industry. The Fellow will be exposed to multiple aspects of health economics research and policy development processes as well as the tools, frameworks, and methods that guide work at IHE and Alberta Health.

Professional Development

The awardee will have the opportunity to participate in professional development opportunities provided by IHE and Alberta Health, as appropriate.

Application Process:

Please submit the fellowship application form (Download Fellowship application form) to [email protected] by March 13, 2017, 11:59 pm MST.

Review Process:

All applications will undergo review by a committee of O’Brien Institute members with expertise in health economics, and be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Academic excellence of applicant
  • Academic excellence of academic supervisor
  • Quality of training environment
  • Quality and relevance of research proposal
  • Alignment of the applicants' skills and career aspirations to the objectives of the IHE Fellowship

Please contact [email protected] with any questions regarding these competitions.

For additional information, please visit the following link:  http://obrieniph.ucalgary.ca/research/internal-trainee-funding-opps