IHE Lay Advisory Committee 2016

About the Lay Advisory Committee


The IHE Lay Advisory Committee (LAC) was established in 2010 as a venue for getting input from the average Albertan on a wide range of topics with respect to medical and/or health services. This move was part of a growing international trend in scientific research and in public policy to optimize advice and recommendations through better public engagement.

The LAC is open as a service, free of charge, for organizations interested in obtaining the public’s perspective on important organizational initiatives. If there is an initiative that is already underway or in the early stages of development, and you would like a public perspective, consider the upcoming LAC meeting as an avenue.


The LAC is a unique group of citizens committed to providing public perspective on topics of relevance to Albertans. The LAC is composed of 10 – 12 citizens from across Alberta who bring diversity to the committee with respect to their location, age, gender, background, culture, political background, and experiences. A well-known and credible community leader serves as chair of the LAC, and all members are over the age of 21.

While other public participation groups exist for specific purposes and topics, the LAC brings their experience of successfully working together to the community at large and welcomes the opportunity to leverage existing resources and collaborate with other organizations within Alberta who have a public participation mandate where different perspectives would be of value.


The LAC holds twice yearly full day face-to-face meetings at the IHE office in Edmonton. In some situations, a topic may benefit from repeated consultations over time to fully explore ideas and deepen the dialogue. Alternate dates and times can be arranged if the need for consultation is immediate and the topic timely and of significance to the province and for the public good.