Chronic Pain: A Health Policy Perspective

Discussing all aspects of chronic pain management, this is the second volume of the new book series on health care and disease management, published with the Institute of Health Economics (IHE) in Edmonton, Canada.

The authors provide an introduction into the history, pathophysiology, ethics and epidemiology of chronic pain before covering the different aspects of treating chronic pain in more detail. Strategies for improving pain management as well as policy implications are hightlighted. This title is targeted towards health policy makers, administrators, and clinicians dealing with the management of chronic pain.

Book Series: Health Care and Disease Management

Publication Type: Books

Year of Publication: 2008

Topics: Surveillance, Therapy

ISBN (print): 978-3-527-32382-1

ISBN (online): 978-3-527-62265-8

ISSN: 1864-9947

Editor: Saifudin Rashiq, Don Schopflocher, Paul Taenzer, Egon Jonsson

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell