Means Restriction for Suicide Prevention

This report on Means Restriction for Suicide Prevention provides a summary of information regarding national means restriction policies/strategies and national/provincial intentional overdose prevention policies/strategies and their effectiveness. Policies/strategies that focus on children, youth, and young adults are of particular interest. This report consists of two parts: Part I presents an overview of national means restriction strategies/policies, whereas Part II focuses on intentional overdose prevention strategies/policies at the national and provincial levels and examines the evidence on the effectiveness of intentional overdose prevention strategies.

Publication Type: Health Topic Overviews / Scoping Reviews

Year of Publication: 2010

Topics: Mental Health

Authors: Bing Guo, Christa Harstall, Trish Chatterley

ISBN (print): 978-1-897443-64-4

ISBN (online): 978-1-897443-65-1