Partnering for a Healthier Alberta – Summary Report from SCN/Innovative Medicines Canada Engagement

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has established a number of Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs) in the province around specific health care topics (e.g., Cardiovascular Health & Stroke) and within areas where care is delivered (e.g., Surgery). The SCNs are the engines of innovation in the health system and have a mandate to find new and innovative ways of delivering care to provide better quality, better outcomes, and better value for every Albertan.

This document provides a reflection of the discussion at a first meeting of the SCNs and the Canadian innovative pharmaceutical industry (Innovative Medicines Canada and members) that took place January 24, 2017 in Edmonton. Alberta Innovates hosted this event, in partnership with Alberta Health Services/SCNs, Innovative Medicines Canada, and the Institute of Health Economics (IHE).

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Publication Type: Summary Reports

Year of Publication: 2017