Conferences are larger, standalone or serial events, hosted by the IHE or in partnership with other organizations. Various IHE Conferences have seen leading health care professionals from Canada and the United States come to Edmonton to discuss health care and health policy challenges. The IHE’s well-regarded Consensus Development Conference Series, which has seen us host international events on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Depression in Adults, is also included here, as is the Alberta Health Becoming the Best Series.

Series Conference Events

Consensus Development Conference Series

AHS - Becoming the Best Series: Building Sustainability


Standalone Conference Events

e-Health Policy Symposium – Towards “Person-Centred” Integrated Health in Alberta

Value in Health Forum: Standards, Quality, and Economics

Physicians as Stewards of Resources Policy Forum

Biologic and Biosimilar Therapies

First International Conference on the Prevention of FASD

Funding Models Conference

Mental Health and Addiction in the Workplace

Provider Financing Forum