Prevention of FASD: Panel Presentations

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First International Conference on Prevention of FASD - Final Program

Monday, 23 September 2013

13:30 – 15:00


  1. Prevention of FASD in WA State: Evidence of Success (1973-2013) 
    Dr. Susan Astley
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  2. Evaluating FASD Prevention Programs: Supporting Common Approaches, Strengthening Community Capacity
    Dr. Deborah Rutman
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  1. Alcohol Screening Brief Intervention and Referral: A Clinical Open Source Web Resource for Managing Alcohol Use
    Dr. Peter Butt
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  2. Comparing FASD prevention interventions valued by Australian and Canadian women
    Prof. Sameer Deshpande
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  3. CHOICES: A Powerful Preconception Intervention that Reduces the Risk of Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy
    Dr. Karen Ingersoll
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  4. A Groundbreaking Accredited FASD Certificate Program in Ontario, a Result of Successful Partnerships
    Ms. Holly Johnston 
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  5. Clinician's Perceptions About the Cross-Training Program Regarding Interventions With Mothers Who Use Alcohol and Drugs
    Dr. Nadia L'Esperance
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  6. Action on FASD in Alberta-The Prevention Conversation: A Shared Responsibility
    Ms. Denise Milne
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  7. Screening, Diagnosis, and Intervention in the Child Welfare System
    Mrs. Carol Rangel
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  8. Screening and Early Assessment for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): Links to Prevention and Intervention
    Dr. Carmen Rasmussen
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  9. The Politics of Women and Alcohol Research and Literature: Getting Fetal Alcohol into Alcohol Policy
    Ms. Elspeth Ross
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  10. Using Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT) Assessments and SROI Analysis to Evaluate a Tertiary FASD Prevention Program 
    Dr. Helene Wirzba
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  11. Challenges to Screening For Alcohol Use During Pregnancy in New Zealand 
    Dr. Trecia Wouldes
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  12. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: A Regional Training Center's Approach on Disseminating Knowledge and Training
    Dr. Roger Zoorob
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15:30 – 17:00


  1. The Health Communication Campaign Mamma Beve, Bimbo Beve. A Communication Plan to Raise Awareness of FASD in Italy 
    Dr. S. Bazzo 
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  2. "The Knowledge Just Has To Get Out There": Parents' Reflections on Awareness of FASD in Ontario
    Ms. Kelly Coons 
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  3. Human Dignity and Engaging Social Epigenetic Studies of FASD in Tribal Communities within Canada
    Dr. Brenda Elias 
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  4. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: From an Educator's Perspective
    Ms. Jan Hofmann 
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  5. Dietary Adequacy and Alcohol Consumption of Inuvialuit Women of Childbearing Age in the Northwest Territories, Canada 
    Dr. Fariba Kolahdooz 
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  6. Prevention of Ethanol-Induced Cardiac Defects by Folate Supplementation in Mouse Model 
    Dr. Kersti Linask 
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  7. Characteristics of Women Who Consume Alcohol in Pregnancy: an Analysis of the All Our Babies Study 
    Dr. Sheila McDonald 
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  8. FASD in Primary Care: Exploring Systematic, Attitudinal, and Expert Knowledge Barriers to Best Practice
    Ms. Danielle N. Naumann 
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  9. A National FASD Child Welfare Community of Practice
    Dr. William Pelech 
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  10. Using Administrative Data to Identify FASD Cases among First Nations and Non-First Nations Individuals
    Dr. Fu-Lin Wang 
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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

13:30 – 15:00

ORAL PRESENTATIONS (from session C) 

  1. Capturing the Experiences of Mentors in the Parent Child Assistance Program: Towards Enhanced Prevention Practice 
    Dr. Erin Atkinson 
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  2. Risky Business, Exploring the Intersect between FASD Prevention Messaging and the Media 
    Mrs. Mary Berube 
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  3. Hearing their Voices: The Experiences of Women in Mentoring Programs to Prevent FASD
    Dr. Linda Burnside 
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  4. Project CHOICES: Using Motivational Interviewing With Young Women to Prevent Alcohol Exposed Pregnancies
    Ms. Holly Gammon 
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  5. A Comprehensive Approach to FASD Prevention in Georgia: The MSACD Project at 30 Years
    Dr. Karen Howell 
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  6. BALANCE: An RCT of a Preconceptional Motivational Intervention to Reduce Drinking and Pregnancy Risk in College Women
    Dr. Karen Ingersoll 
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  7. GAIA: Creation of Life
    Ms. Jeanette Lequiere-Tough 
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  8. Cultural and other aspects of FASD prevention and identification in Lithuania
    Dr. Aurelijus Veryga 
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  9. The Alberta FASD Service Network Evaluation Framework Renewal Initiative
    Dr. Helene Wirzba 
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15:30 – 17:00


  1. The Marulu Project: The Continuing Story?
    Ms. June Oscar
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  2. Pregnant Women Admitted to Borgestadklinikken in Norway according to the Health and Care Act ~ 10.3 from 1996 2012
    Mrs. Eli Marie Wiig 
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  1. An Action-research Approach to Prevent Alcohol Use During Pregnancy in Italy 
    Dr. Stefania Bazzo
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  2. Canada's Low Risk Drinking Guidelines: The Science, the Numbers and the Challenges for Uptake 
    Dr. Peter Butt
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  3. Protecting the Unexpected Pregnancy Test Dispensers in Bars
    Mr. Jody Allen Crowe
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  4. EARLY: An RCT of 3 Preconceptional Motivational Interventions to Reduce Alcohol-exposed Pregnancy Risk 
    Dr. Karen Ingersoll
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  5. Effects of Low to Moderate Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol: A Balanced Analysis of the Evidence 
    Ms. Danielle N. Naumann
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  6. Financial Incentives in the Treatment of Addictions: A Systematic Review of the Literature 
    Dr. Trish Reay
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  7. A Story of FASD Prevention in Australia: From Kitchen Table to National Peak Body
    Ms. Vicki Russell
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  8. Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) and Other FASD Prevention Innovations in Massachusetts 
    Ms. Enid Watson
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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

10:30 – 12:00


  1. FASD Prevention - Supporting Marginalized Women Who Live with FASD
    Ms. Anne Guarasci
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  1. FASD Prevention Through a Culturally Adapted Life Skills Training Program for First Nations Communities
    Ms. Melissa Daniels
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  2. A First Nation Approach to FASD Prevention 
    Ms. Holly Johnston
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  3. Cross-Ministry Approach on FASD: Making a Difference for Individuals with FASD and their Caregivers 
    Ms. Denise Milne
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  4. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Parent-Child Assistance Program (P-CAP) in Alberta, Canada
    Dr. Thanh Nguyen
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  5. Investigations of Prenatal Exposure to Low Dose Alcohol and Psychological Outcomes in Childhood: Methodological Issues
    Dr. Janni Niclasen
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  6. An Evaluation of the Parent-Child Assistance Program in Alberta 
    Dr. William Pelech
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  7. Fetal Alcohol Exposure: A Road Paved with Good Intentions
    Ms. Vicki Russell
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  8. Using a Public Health Framework to Guide FASD Prevention
    Mr. James Sanders
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  9. Prevalence of FASD in Young Aboriginal Children Living Off Reserve in Canada
    Dr. Christine Werk
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