Provincial Industry Payer Agreements Roundtable

Provincial Industry Payer Agreements: Presentations

Sunday, 5 May 2013
St. John's, Newfoundland

Opening Remarks

  • Anderson Chuck, Director of Economic Evaluation and Analytics, Institute of Health Economics

Greetings from the IHE Board

  • Mark Findlay, AstraZeneca, IHE Board Member

Greetings from the Minister

  • Honourable Fred Horne, Minister of Health, Alberta

Outline of the Day

  • Chris Henshall, Chair, HTAi Policy Forum

Discussions on HTA and Value

  • Chris Henshall, Chair, HTAi Policy Forum

Backgrounder - Summary of Key Findings

International Perspectives - PLAs in other jurisdictions

Pan-Canadian Collaboration - Update

Moderated Discussion with Academics, Payers and Industry

  • Pricing and Determining Value
  • Provincial versus Pan-Canadian Approaches
  • Principles and Pragmatism - Moving Forward

Summary of Discussion

  • Chris Henshall, Chair, HTAi Policy Forum

Closing Remarks

  • Anderson Chuck