sme health econ educ

SME Health Economics Education

Learn how health economics and early-stage technology assessment can support your research and development planning, raise capital, and help communicate your value proposition more clearly and effectively to payers.

The IHE provides Alberta small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and innovation ecosystem partners with educational services to describe the importance of, and requirements for, economic evaluation to support product and business planning. Early-stage life sciences SMEs can benefit from health economics by understanding opportunities for analysis to define the innovation headroom required to have an economically viable product (which can guide investment focus and capital raising efforts). Later-stage organizations can benefit from health economics by robust documentation of their value proposition, to prepare a complete and compelling evidence package (clinical and economic) in support of procurement efforts.

This educational service is provided without charge through the financial and in-kind support of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

The IHE Health Economics Virtual Workshop

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In late 2018, a health economics workshop for SMEs was conducted in both Calgary and Edmonton. A virtual workshop has been developed from this material and can be accessed at the following webpage:

Participants of the virtual workshop will receive a Certificate of Professional Development upon completing the course.

For more information about this educational opportunity, please contact us at [email protected].