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Provincial Evaluation of Supervised Consumption Service Sites

The Institute of Health Economics has been asked to conduct a Provincial Evaluation of Supervised Consumption Service (SCS) sites. This decision came at the recommendation of the Minister’s Opioid Emergency Response Commission (MOERC). The Institute has been working in close collaboration with Alberta Health, SCS sites, academic experts, individuals with lived experience, and other key stakeholders to develop and implement the provincial evaluation framework.

For more information, please contact Jasmine Brown, Director of Communications and Project Manager for the Provincial SCS Evaluation at the Institute of Health Economics at [email protected] and/or (780) 401 1768 (office).

Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder by the Use of Technology Study

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) refers to several disorders caused by the use of alcohol during pregnancy. People born with FASD will experience serious physical and mental problems. In Alberta 46,000 people currently live with FASD and approximately 700-1900 babies are born with FASD in the province each year.

The goal of this study is to see how a specialized Mobile Alcohol Measuring (MAM) breathalyzer device linked to a cellphone changes alcohol consumption during pregnancy in women with alcohol dependency issues. This is the first study of its kind. We hope that the ability to self-monitor blood alcohol concentration during pregnancy can reduce alcohol consumption, and thus reduce the possibility of delivering a child with FASD.

For more information about the study, please contact Jasmine Brown, Project Manager and Research Coordinator, Institute of Health Economics at [email protected], or Nicole Riley, Project Coordinator and Administrative Assistant, Institute of Health Economics at [email protected].


Alberta Innovates (Funders); Soberlink, University of Alberta, Alberta Health Services