Ken Bond1, Alun Cameron2, Paula Corabian1, Bing Guo1*, Christa Harstall1, Iñaki Imaz Iglesia3, Carmen Moga1*, Maria Ospina1, Don Schopflocher4, and Ann Scott1 participated in the modified Delphi and or validation process; Patricia Chatterley1 and Liz Dennett1 searched the literature and provided information support; Wendy McIndoo1 provided assistance during the Delphi process.

The project was made possible through a general Knowledge Transfer grant from Alberta Health.

1 Institute of Health Economics (Canada)
2 ASERNIP-S (Australia)
3 AETS, Institute of Health Carlos III (Spain)
4 School of Public Health & Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta (Canada)
* Coordinators of the Project