Adapting low back pain guidelines within a multidisciplinary context: a process evaluation.


Rationale, Aims, and Objectives: The Alberta Ambassador Program (AAP) adapted seven clinical practice guidelines on low back pain (LBP) into a single guideline spanning the continuum of care from prevention and diagnosis through to treatment. The Ambassador adaptation process was evaluated to 1 Identify the major challenges encountered and successful strategies utilized; 2 Assess strengths and weaknesses by benchmarking it with the ADAPTE framework; and 3 Identify opportunities for improvement.

Note: This is an Alberta Ambassador Guideline Adaptation Program related publication.

Publication Type: Journal Articles

Year of Publication: 2013

Topics: Chronic Diseases / Disorders

Authors: Christa Harstall, Paul Taenzer, Nancy Zuck, Donna Angus, Carmen Moga, Ann Scott

ISSN (online): 1365-2753

Journal Title: Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

Volume: 19

Issue: 5

Pages: 773-781