Implementing the Resource in Clinic Program in primary care delivery: a team-based dyad approach.


Abstract: Alberta's Primary Care Networks (PCNs) bring together family physicians and other health professionals to provide local, comprehensive, and readily accessible primary care services to patients. The Edmonton North PCN, one of the largest in the province, piloted the Resource in Clinic (RIC) Program with objectives to increase efficiencies in the use of physician time, increase physician workplace satisfaction, increase unattached/orphan patient access, and decrease patient wait times. An evaluation of the RIC Program employed surveys (completed by physicians with RICs, RIC staff, and patients), log chart recording, and physician billing data and cost analysis. The findings indicated high satisfaction with the model, increased physician visits, and improved access for patient with comorbidities. The study did not demonstrate increased number of patients or new patients, nor could conclusions be drawn related to patient wait times.

Publication Type: Journal Articles

Year of Publication: 2015

Topics: Healthcare Services

Authors: Lindsay Wodinski, Kate Woodman, Margaret Wanke, Thanh Nguyen, Philip Jacobs

ISSN: 2150-1319

ISSN (online): 2150-1327

Journal Title: Journal Of Primary Care & Community Health

Volume: 6

Issue: 1

Pages: 41-47